Warn and Associates is a Takaka-based chartered accountancy practice located in Golden Bay, New Zealand.  Our clientele of private individuals and businesses reflects the diversity of this unique region.  We take pride in providing effective, efficient solutions and being a reliable advisory partner to our clients.

The accountancy firm has been in business for many years under a number of operating names, and in August 2007 chartered account Mike Warn took over and began the business under the name Warn and Associates.  An accountant since 1984, Mike has acquired his experience working in both the public sector, for the Controller and Auditor General of the Inland Revenue Department, and for private companies.  At present, five members of staff assist Mike.

As a member of the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICANZ), Warn and Associates have access to all the information and latest training resources and ensures that ICANZ will perform a ‘practice review’ at least every three years.  This guarantees compliance with accountancy practice standards and the quality expectations of the accountancy profession in today’s changing business environment.  We are committed to continuing professional development so that we maintain the knowledge and skills needed to remain the experts our clients can rely upon and trust.


At Warn and Associates we feel strongly about quality and professionalism.  Customer orientation and personal interest in your business is an integral part of how we work with you.  Understanding your business is our business.

In all we do, we strive for approachability, clear explanations, and in-depth information exchanges based on mutual trust.  Whether an individual or business, we recognize the uniqueness of each client and provide you with personalised services and solutions.

Mike Warn

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 6.05.01 pmAn accountant since 1984, Mike has acquired his experience working in both the public sector, for the Controller and Auditor General and the Inland Revenue Department, and for private companies.

Compared to his previous jobs, Mike finds working in a private practice much more interesting. Instead of working weeks after weeks at the same job, he now sees many different people with all different issues that need to be solved. It is far more dynamic and opposed to the audit side of it; he now has the opportunity to help people, that certainly gives one a good feeling. Mike has far-reaching knowledge and experience and a broad network of specialists that he can refer you to when you have an issue that goes beyond his specialism of accountancy. 

Passionate about cars and mechanicals, Mike has collected about 24 motor vehicles, which he loves to restore and maintain. Please do not hesitate to contact him if you have a question about that as well.